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Award-winning video production from Scorch. Based in London, we create branded content, corporate films, animation and TV commercials

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Creative Video Production

Leading London video production company Scorch Films has a global reach spanning many areas including TV commercials, corporate videos, product videos, 360 VR videos, digital content, motion graphics, animation and explainer videos. With a passion for all things moving, we love to produce an extremely wide range of content for our happy clients.

Video Strategy

We learn all about your product, brand, and company. Then we ask questions and delve deep to really understand what you need. By being rigorous and meticulous, we gain a much better understanding of the project brief. At this point we develop the strategy for how the video will convey information, change behaviour or build awareness of your brand. This culminates in the Scorch Creative Brief. With a well structured strategic brief in place, the end result will be extremely effective in achieving the goals of the video.

Creative Development

Then we move into the creative process and we brainstorm, collaborate, go away and have a think about it, come back and brainstorm some more. Whittle ideas down, test our ideas, are hard on ourselves, and don’t rest until the creative concept is fully-formed and absolutely perfect. As a creative company we have ideas at our heart. Brilliant ideas that set us apart from being just another video production company. We don’t settle until we reach the truly one-off ideas that will achieve cut-through and results for our clients. It is this zest for ideas that drives us to create the very best work.

Filming and Post-Production

Once the creative concept is developed, we then move into production. Whether a piece of video content, TV advert or explainer animation, we do it really rather brilliantly. Our experience producing some of the freshest and most innovative work across a broad range of industries means we can strike the perfect balance of concept, direction, quality, style and content.

Expert Filming

With our formidable production team of highly skilled creative and technical experts, we can handle both large complex shoots, and much simpler productions with ease. All of our directors are in-house, which means they get heavily involved in the creative process and shoot prep, as well as the editing, grading and sound mix once filming is complete. We’ve filmed in over 50 countries all over the world, including one shoot which took in 4 continents in 4 days. We have delivered exceptional work for clients across industries including FMCG, finance, automotive, technology and fashion.

Post-Production & Finishing

As well as our production team, we have one of the largest dedicated in-house post departments in the UK, comprising some of the brightest and most experienced editors and designers working in the industry today. With the capability to handle all offline and online editing, motion graphics, CG animation, music composition, sound design and audio post-production on all projects, we have the built-in firepower to apply a dazzling breadth of skills to every production we undertake, no matter how large or complex.

Our Clients

What our clients say

From our first meeting with Scorch, they really understood our brand and where we wanted to go with the project, the brief was interpreted perfectly.

Heidi Kenyon-Smith, Head of Marketing at La Redoute UK

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Perfect Video Delivery

By using all of the tools, people and experience we have at our wonderfully creative fingertips, we really deliver. With our background in marketing, television, and advertising, we know the ingredients that will make your audience take notice and really engage with your message. Our combination of expertise, experience, technical wizardry, and out and out talent means that you will receive a video production service that will delight you and your target audience alike.

We don’t produce run-of-the-mill work for run-of-the-mill clients. We produce inventive and inspired work for clients we absolutely love.

Next steps

If you have a project that you’d like to chat to us about, whether it’s a TV commercial, online film, corporate video or simply a production idea that needs to be developed, get in touch, give us a call on 020 7287 1702 or email

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