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At Scorch Films, our passion is producing high-quality branded content that breaks the mould. Whether we are hulled up in a studio for hours on end or camping out for a location-based shoot, we like nothing more than being a part of the video content production process. Over the past decade, our team have established a strong reputation as one of the leading video production companies in the UK – earning a place in the Televisual Top 10 Production Company awards for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017.

Every year we produce hundreds of videos for a wide range of different industries and sectors, resulting in an enviable portfolio of standout films.

Our highly creative and highly effective team

At Scorch Films, we are firm believers that creative talent breeds creative talent – so our team of directors, producers, designers, copywriters, and animators are all pooled together in our London office, constantly brainstorming creative ideas and concepts. Our team are well-versed in the entire creative development process, and can draw fresh new concepts from thin air, or bring your existing ideas to life.

By tapping into the wide range of directors on our roster, spanning from fashion specialists to animation and visual effects experts, we can provide you with relevant and highly-knowledgeable directors that suit your industry or niche.

For every video project, our directors will develop a detailed treatment and script, as well as storyboards and animatics.

We can also provide you with the best and brightest crew the UK has to offer – teaming together our highly skilled in-house team with the freshest creative and technical minds in the industry.

State-of-the-art equipment and post production

We always use the latest cutting-edge camera equipment, meaning we’re able to deliver the perfect look for all our videos. Whether we are using Red EpicArri AlexaPhantom or Canon C300, once we know the project, we know how to pull it off on screen. And we take meticulous care over every detail, from location and lighting, to camera lenses and post-production – ensuring the results exceed the expectations.

And once filming is complete, our in-house post-production team will shape, craft and polish raw footage into an end product that truly stands out. If your finished film is destined for television, our experience dealing with Clearcast means we can lead the copy clearance process for you.

So if you’re looking for a team of creative experts who know what they are doing (and love it), get in touch with the team at Scorch Films today and take your next video to a higher level.

What they say about us

From Our First Meeting With Scorch, They Really Understood Our Brand And Where We Wanted To Go With The Project, The Brief Was Interpreted Perfectly.

Heidi Kenyon-Smith, Head of Marketing at La Redoute UK