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High end 3D animation for product visualisation, brand films and advertising.

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Photo-real CG Animation

With the trail blazed by large Hollywood feature film studios over the last decade, full photo-real CG animation is now more achievable and affordable to smaller scale productions too. As a leading animation production company, Scorch is able to provide a wide range of animation services from architectural visualisation and product design, through to automotive commercials and sweeping CG landscapes. We are able to produce virtually any photo-real CG scene imaginable from within our London production studio.

3D Modeling

The process of creating CG animation begins with the process of 3D modelling. This is the production of the different objects and backgrounds that go to making up each scene. We handle this process for all CG projects in-house at Scorch, which means we can keep a close eye on the fine details including textures and materials that go into creating complete 3D scenes from scratch.

Texturing and Lighting

Once modelled, the next process that must be undertaken is texturing. A key question is deciding what each object is made from. There’s a huge difference between wood and metal for example and this process doesn’t happen by magic. Every single surface of each scene must be considered. For something as complex as a car there could be up to 200 different textures involved including metal, paintwork, chrome, glass, alloy, rubber and plastics. All of these different textures are affected in different ways by lighting, so careful thought must go into how the scene is lit. A studio set-up for example, will create entirely different visual results to a natural outdoor sunlit scene.

What they say about us

From Our First Meeting With Scorch, They Really Understood Our Brand And Where We Wanted To Go With The Project, The Brief Was Interpreted Perfectly.

Heidi Kenyon-Smith, Head of Marketing at La Redoute UK