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The Challenge

To produce a TV commercial to promote the uptake of audiobook listening in the winter months.

The Idea

The natural focus of a winter specific commercial had to be the weather. So, here at Scorch Films we worked around the concept of using audiobooks to enjoy the winter weather more than you normally would. Our lead character dreads the daily drenching from cold winter downpours as she is compelled to walk her four legged companion, until she discovers the beauty of using her time outside to listen to audiobooks. Her enthusiasm rapidly overtakes that of her dog, proving just how gripping the process of listening to your favourite stories can be.

  • TV Commercial
  • Advertising
  • Concept Development
  • Production



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The film is incredible. We can show it to anyone and be sure that the objective will be met; ‘the person will gain an insight into the unique experience of having someone you love go missing’. It strikes a fine balance between being emotive and informative without overdoing either.

Karen Robinson, Missing People

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