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Hand Drawn Character Animation

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The Challenge

To show through an organic character animation the effects of Bipolar Disorder on everyday life.

The Idea

Given the sensitivity of the subject matter in hand, we decided to pursue a hand-drawn but very grown-up style of animation. Free from cartoony gimmicks or childlike animation flourishes, the beautifully rendered style conveys through the lead characters physical interaction with her environment how the disorder makes her feel: like the weight of the world is on her shoulders. This results in pavements cracking as she walks and the landscape itself buckling under the ‘weight’ that the disorder places upon her everyday existence. Scorch Films has produced over fifty character animations, with this being the first for a healthcare brand.

  • Character Animation
  • Hand-Drawn
  • Motion Graphics



Design Process Images

character drawings
car animation designs
Crowd walking animation
Character poses animation
Buildings sketch
3D city animation
animated city
bipolar animation dinner scene
bipolar animation foot
bipolar animation bus stop
bipolar animation bridge
bipolar character animation

Scorch responded to the brief with a sharply defined and powerful concept approaching perfection. From concept through to delivery, the talented team at Scorch nailed it. I love those guys!

John Audible

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