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The Challenge

To produce a series of promo videos for the latest new Casio Edifice watch, in partnership with the Red Bull Racing F1 Team and the agency PRISM.

The Idea

With two options for showcasing the new watch on the table, live action and CG, we chose the CG route as it would allow us a lot more freedom in post-production to create whichever shots were needed to demonstrate each feature of the watch. Modelling the entire watch down to every last detail was a painstaking task, but the end result shows what is possible when 3D animation of this standard is used effectively. Incorporating footage of the Red Bull Racing F1 team, including Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber the final video from Scorch Films is a dramatic showcase, demonstrating both the quality and beauty of the watch, alongside it’s technical and sporting credentials.

  • CG Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Product Videos
  • Video Production



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I had an awesome experience working with Scorch. They were extremely creative. They worked extremely well under a tight deadline and delivered a great video at the end of it. 10/10. Awesome and extremely good production value.

Jack Burke, YouTube

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