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The Challenge

To produce a TV commercial for leading sports health brand Deep Heat and to show how the product targets muscular pain.

The Idea

Filming an athlete in ultra slow-motion at 1000fps, Scorch Films were able to create a highly cinematic look for the ad and create clear movement and changes of pace throughout to demonstrate the product in action. Flowing lines to show the speed and flow of the athlete once the pain has reduced were also added alongside the athlete. VFX were added including muscular definition, and the interior of the affected muscle. The result is a stunning commercial which highlights the benefits of the product in a very clear way. The ad aired on all major channels across the UK.

  • TV Advertising
  • Motion Graphics
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Additional Campaign Images

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deep heat running man

Really gorgeous and amazing production – especially given the amount of time to shoot and post it…a SUPER fabulous job… The final video production is fabulous.

US Events Co-ordinator, Macy’s

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