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The Challenge

To produce a TV commercial for Iron FX’s EA Builder trading platform.

The Idea

Using Iron FX’s red and white brand colours, we developed a 3D animated landscape in which to demonstrate the key features and benefits of the Expert Advisors (EA) Builder platform. The ad is short and to the point, leaving the viewer with a snapshot of what they can expect the software to deliver for them. Using 3D animation to convey a complex message is something that Scorch Films excels at, having produced over 100 3D animated videos since 2006.

  • TV Commercial
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Animation



Additional Campaign Images

IronFX animation
solid trading tools
iron fx ea builder

The film is incredible. We can show it to anyone and be sure that the objective will be met; ‘the person will gain an insight into the unique experience of having someone you love go missing’. It strikes a fine balance between being emotive and informative without overdoing either.

Karen Robinson, Missing People

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