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The Challenge

To create, produce and deliver a product video to demonstrate the features of the new Kodak PIXPRO Smart Lens, using a real-life scenario.

The Idea

The new Smart Lens is an add on for mobile phones, and as such, we needed to show the lens in action in a normal everyday scenario where someone would be using their smartphone to take photos. Centred on a mum and her young daughter, we follow them on their day out to the zoo, where the Kodak lens is really put through it’s paces throughout the day.

On screen annotations highlights the different features, alongside a fully CG animated lens to finish the film off. Scorch Films has a strong track record in delivering product videos of the highest calibre for household and technology products.

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kodak video production
kodak video production
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What our clients say about us

Fantastic team work and excitement from day one! Great understanding of our brand and the brief, delivering a great digital campaign for Pepsi Max within a very tight deadline. Amazing partnership and collaboration. Thank you team Scorch.

D'Jamila Cardona, Senior Manager, Marketing at PepsiCo

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