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The Challenge

To create, produce and deliver an innovative, imaginative film that increases brand awareness of La Redoute and strikes a chord with the target audience of women 35-55, utilising the brand’s ‘French Style, Made Easy’ tagline.

The Idea

Extensive research on the key demographic led us to discover that ‘love’ in a broad sense was our best entry point to create a shareable social video for La Redoute’s audience. It occurred to us that a lot goes unsaid between loved ones and wouldn’t it be great for a few people to show how they truly feel? Now we just needed our French twist…which came in the form of a Gallic gent who would be the initial proxy through which the messages of love are spoken. Et voila! The Language of Love was born…

The film received an EVCOM Silver Award for best branded content.

  • Video Production
  • Live Action
  • Branded Content



Additional Content

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Everyone loves the brand film - one of the reps even likened it to a John Lewis Xmas ad - high praise indeed…Just thought you should all know how well it’s being received. When it was released to the reps in last week's presentation, everyone was stunned in silence.

Beth, Crucial Trading

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