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Video Advertising Campaign

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The Challenge

To create, produce and deliver shareable video content that showcases the new Mazda 2.

The Idea

As a car packed with distinctive features, developed through industry-leading SkyActiv technology, what better way to showcase the new Mazda 2 than with the Unconventional Training School. A place where athletes reaching the pinnacle of their respective professions could use the Mazda 2 to achieve never-before-seen physical feats. Acrobalance, parkour, skateboarding and breakdancing. Athletes across these four disciplines would find a new stage on which to demonstrate and refine their talents, with the Mazda 2 integral to each stunt.

  • Video Production
  • Promotional Video
  • Live Action



Additional Videos

Everyone loves the brand film - one of the reps even likened it to a John Lewis Xmas ad - high praise indeed…Just thought you should all know how well it’s being received. When it was released to the reps in last week's presentation, everyone was stunned in silence.

Beth, Crucial Trading

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