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Animated Video Series

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The Challenge

To produce a series of quirky animated explainer videos to give advice to the general public on the subject of personal finances.

The Idea

Working with the diverse colour palette and familiar brand guidelines of the Money Advice Service, Scorch Films were able to design a brilliantly fun and original character style for their series of personal finance videos. With fun and fluid 2D animation, the videos explore several different areas of finance including savings, wills, bills, pensions and debt. Extremely well received by the client and public alike, the explainer videos are now both informing and entertaining the masses, taking pride of place on the Money Advice Service’s website and YouTube channel.

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Video Series

Style Development Images

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I have been very happy with the team at Scorch who have always been there for me and Gemalto. Always creative, out-of-the-box thinkers, pleasant, positive and professional. They have the positive energy that assures the quality and the realisation of our projects no matter how difficult or complex. Always great quality and on-time delivery.

Christos Christou, Gemalto

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