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Video Advertising Campaign

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The Challenge

To produce a series of videos to advertise OVO Energy by positioning the brand as a new, different and more desirable alternative to the big six energy providers.

The Idea

‘What could you do with £200?’ – A series of videos show how consumers have chosen to use the money they’ve saved in a tangible but quirky and irreverent way. This presents OVO Energy as a different type of energy provider and overcomes consumers’ apathy to switch.

  • Video Production
  • Promotional Videos
  • Live Action
  • Advertising



Additional Videos

Everyone loves the brand film - one of the reps even likened it to a John Lewis Xmas ad - high praise indeed…Just thought you should all know how well it’s being received. When it was released to the reps in last week's presentation, everyone was stunned in silence.

Beth, Crucial Trading

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