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Video Advertising Campaign

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The Challenge

To create, produce and deliver a European digital video campaign that showcases Pepsi Max’s genius take on the UEFA Champions League final, focusing on bringing to life epic volleys in an ingenious way.

The Idea

Inspired by some of the best volleys in UEFA Champions League History…. Welcome to Pepsi Max Volley 360. An arena where 6 football cannons fire footballs at players from any angle, at any speed and at any time. Our athletes, a mix of football freestylers, gymnasts and parkour artists look to score incredible volley after incredible volley. With 35 million views, the campaign has driven incredible engagement with the brand in the run up to the final.

Scorch delivered multiple creative assets for the campaign including teaser edits, 75″ and 30″ versions as well as an immersive full 360 video for Facebook and YouTube.

  • Video Production
  • Promotional Video
  • Live Action
  • 360º Video



Additional Videos

Everyone loves the brand film - one of the reps even likened it to a John Lewis Xmas ad - high praise indeed…Just thought you should all know how well it’s being received. When it was released to the reps in last week's presentation, everyone was stunned in silence.

Beth, Crucial Trading

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