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The Challenge

To produce a series of demo videos for the Finish website which highlight all of the different benefits and features of the new Quantumatic dishwashing dispenser.

The Idea

Through the combination of a green screen shoot and a life-like 3D animation of Finish Quantumatic, our presenter enters the environment of the product and demonstrates it’s superb functionality through a range of visually entertaining and inspiring scenarios. Intercut with our miniature presenter, there are a number of different product demonstration vignettes showing superior cleaning, how the product works, and how easy the Quantumatic is to use. In total Scorch Films produced seven films in four languages, enabling us to fully utilise the combined skills of our in-house filming, animation and compositing teams.

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We were very impressed with Scorch right from the beginning, after our first briefing call with them. They provided us with a number of concepts to work with and were on hand as and when required, especially when briefing the concept to the project group. They continually worked with us to ensure we were 100% satisfied with the overall project.

Sarika Kapoor, Siemens

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