Renault Case Study: The Twingo Musical

By March 3, 2016Uncategorized
Renault Twingo flamingo advert

We’ve been lucky to work with Renault for a while now, they’ve always encouraged us to push creative boundaries and create work that stands out from the crowd in the world of car advertising.

Creating stand out car advertising

Whether it’s getting the nation hot under the collar with the risqué “Va Va Voom Button” or inciting debate with the life size “Zoe Scalextric Track”, we’ve always had the confidence to bring fresh ideas to the table.

So we when we received the brief for Renault Twingo we knew we had to come up with something that really stood out from crowd and got people talking.

The Brief

We were tasked with creating a light-hearted shareable social video campaign for the all-new Renault Twingo, which will resonate with an 18 – 34 female audience.  The city car segment is highly competitive that is why we needed to create something that will cut through the noise and generate buzz and excitement around the Renault Twingo to drive consideration and purchase.

The Insight

Car advertising targeted at women generally uses fashion or shopping as the main narrative around the communication, we knew that if we wanted to cut through the noise we had to develop a different approach.

We chose to focus on a key bit of insight that women find the dealership experience somewhat intimidating. We also looked at the engagement rates of different types of content and found that humorous and dance related content had the highest levels of engagement.

This helped shape our thinking at the early stages and lead us to the idea of creating the first ever all singing all dancing Twingo musical! Putting our confident lead actress centre stage and depicting the Twingo dealership experience as fun, fashionable and easy.

The Strategy

In order to drive consideration and ultimately purchase we had to educate our audience of the product features while maintaining the fun shareable nature of the campaign.

Taking inspiration from Google’s Hero, Hub and Hygiene approach we developed a digital content ecosystem to entertain and inform viewers as they engaged with different pieces of the campaign.

All in all, we created a total of 12 product films as well as additional pieces of mockumentary style content to keep viewers entertained and informed.

The Results

Overall the campaign has generated 3,259,752 views and the long form hero film has had a total watch time of 2.3 years.

Google Preferred Campaign Brand Survey showed a lift in ad recall of 44.93% across both Male and Female audiences.

Most important of all we have had an overwhelmingly positive response online, with engagement rates on YouTube double of the platform average.

Check out the full campaign on our portfolio page here