Rimmel launches new Super Gel with TV ad from Scorch

By April 4, 2016Uncategorized

Rimmel came to us with a challenge. To create a bold TV commercial that got people excited about their brand new Super Gel nail varnish, whilst at the same time explaining the process of how it works.

Challenge accepted.

The TV advertising campaign

Running with the idea of a hand walking the viewer through the process, we filmed the entire range using a motion control rig – basically a huge robotic arm which follows a preprogrammed set of movements. Once filmed, the footage of the hand was composited in, alongside CG animation of other effects including liquid and gel shots.

The final result is a punchy and upbeat film which demonstrates with absolute clarity the quality and innovation of the new product, culminating in a series of ‘nail selfies’ taken over a 14 day period, further highlighting the long-lasting salon quality finish.

The main video along with multiple cut down edits is being viewed globally on social media with users engaging with the #GelPower hashtag and uploading nail selfies of their own experiences with the product.