The Top 10 Advertising Campaigns of 2015

By December 18, 2015Uncategorized
mog's christmas calamity

In calendar order, here is my subjective view on what’s been the best advertising this year…

‘This Girl Can’ – Advertising Campaign for Sport England

The year kicked off with a rallying call for women of all shapes, sizes and athletic abilities. The video execution, led by its ‘real woman’ casting, screams of such authenticity that you can practically feel the sweat dripping off every frame. Accompanied by bold, disruptive copy and the perfect Missy Elliott soundtrack, this was well timed for those New Year’s resolutions and went a long way to creating a female-empowered athletic movement.

‘Friends Furever’ – Android

Super furry animals work for band names and advertising, so Android cranked this to the max early in the year with an assortment of mismatched creature couples frolicking in harmony with one another in a variety of different backdrops. Not a phone in sight, but people sure did like the brand positioning.

‘Clash of Clans: Revenge’ – Clash of Clans

At Superbowl time brands turn to people with very special sets of skills. Clash of Clans enlisted ‘AngryNesson52’, who was waiting for a scone in a coffee shop while vowing revenge on ‘bigbuffetboy85’ for his latest gaming defeat. A great script, aided by perfect comedic timing in a flawless performance from Liam Neeson.

‘Family: Unskippable’ – Geico

Brilliantly utilising modern day ad formats, Geico managed to condense their entire brand message into five seconds of airtime. But the viewer felt compelled to stick around after that to see the quintessential family dinner ruined by a hungry pooch. Props to the cast for staying pretty still while canine chaos erupted around them.

‘Guns with History’ – States United to Prevent Gun Violence

Poignant and impactful, one can only hope that activity like this resonates with the target audience. How a section of the American population can remain so reticent to giving up firearms when it’s causing so many fatalities is bewildering to us all across the pond. Fingers crossed they wake up soon.

‘Life Paint’ – Volvo

Cycling in the dark is a vocation that comes with its fair share of risk. Volvo produced a fantastic solution to this, with their ‘life paint’ product. Creating a great product is always an achievement. Creating a great product that is also going to save lives has resonance.

‘Wear the Rose’ – 02

If only our National Sports teams lived up to our advertising. This campaign gave the nation a genuine sense of pride, the integrated activity flooding our streets, vehicles and newsfeeds with iconic portrayals of our Rugby Union idols, ready to conquer the world. A shame they buggered it all up on the pitch, but a great campaign by O2, nonetheless.

‘#Justino’ – Spanish Lottery

If Pixar did adverts, they’d do something like this. Extraordinary animation, a heart-warming story, and universal emotional appeal. It makes you feel like maybe, just maybe…we’ve all got a chance.

‘Mog’s Christmas Calamity’ – Sainsbury’s

The World War battleground was a long way away this year. Instead, Sainsbury’s turned to the narrative skills of Judith Kerr to make the UK feel warm and fuzzy at Christmas. Cute cat, check. But there’s also a story to it, and it’s beautifully told.

‘#heimkommen’ – Edeka

Perhaps the most controversial inclusion, but one thing’s for sure, it has cut through on a global level unlike any other advertising campaign this Christmas. Manipulative old man with unappreciative family? Maybe. But we all know about the supermarket he shops from now.

So there you have it, a year of the best advertising we’ve seen…was it vintage or one to forget?