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Renault Captur

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TV Advertising for the 21st Century

With over a decade of experience creating and producing TV adverts for a huge range of brands across multiple sectors, we are firmly established as one of the most creative and responsive TV advertising agencies in London.

We always start by defining the right strategy to meet your communication objectives. This may mean working with you to create the brief itself or thoroughly researching the brief we receive. Once the strategy is clear the creative work starts.

Our creative approach requires a combination of science, art and the right creative minds generating the sparks necessary to reach compelling, new and relevant ideas. Ideas with the potential to catch fire are then developed until they have been distilled to their essence and assessed against our Scorch Advertising Effectiveness criteria. Those that pass we call our Red Hot Ideas.

Throughout the creative process our in-house television production team will contribute ideas and begin to consider how each idea can be turned into an impactful finished film.

This integration of Strategy, Creative and Production enables us to reach the strongest possible ideas and seamlessly turn them into reality. The way we are structured also enables us to move into the production phase significantly faster than most TV advertising agencies.

Alongside our brand led advertising work, we also work with television producers to create title sequences, channel branding, sponsorship idents and trailers.

New and emerging brands

We also have specialist expertise in supporting new and emerging brands in developing and implementing TV advertising for the first time. Our approach is underpinned by defining clear communication and creative strategies that will endure by positioning the brand competitively and distinctively from the outset.


We are able to handle the process of clearing your advertisement through Clearcast. With extensive experience in managing the process directly on behalf of our clients, we will always ensure approval is achieved without compromising advertising effectiveness.

What they say about us

From Our First Meeting With Scorch, They Really Understood Our Brand And Where We Wanted To Go With The Project, The Brief Was Interpreted Perfectly.

Heidi Kenyon-Smith, Head of Marketing at La Redoute UK